Funding & Brokerage

L.W. McNutt leads our successful funding and brokerage efforts. L.W. is Co-Founder of Reef Equity, Dallas, a private equity group focusing on acquiring entrepreneurial, service based, middle market firms. Reef and its successor company have acquired six lower middle market companies since June of 2006.

Ramseyer & Associates has experience finding appropriate funding for growth, product development, acquisition, buy outs, projected cash flow gaps, debt consolidation and other business needs.

Our funding and brokerage services have helped retailers, wholesalers and direct marketers as well as entrepreneurs in other industries such as manufacturing, environmental services, oil field development, lumber, entertainment, event management and others.

We have successfully found private sources of equity or debt funding in the US and many countries around the world. Because many high net worth individuals aspire to relocate from troubled countries and invest their funds in the US, we are now tapping many new funding sources. For example, we are now working through growing US Government sponsored EB-5 Visa programs in 50 states that facilitate individuals with investment funds to move here permanently.To learn more about EB-5 Visa Contact Us

Our respected banking, private investment group and US government network provides us efficient access to more traditional funding sources as well.


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