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International Business Development

International internet and direct marketing growth outpaces the U.S. To quote Drayton Bird, former Ogilvy & Mather Chairman, Direct marketing and internet programs work overseas. The only difference is, they work better!

Profitable international expansion occurs in virtually every product or service category. Leverage your valuable brand worldwide. Even small and medium size U.S. firms enjoy higher profit margins and long term customer value outside the country.

After careful study and planning, consider three options:

• Multinational Approach. All marketing materials, search terms, email broadcasts and print ads direct prospects back to a U.S. based website, fax or phone number. or postal address.

• Local Appearance. With the use of proven and trusted local service suppliers, your firm can have a local language web site, local customer service, local currency but still hold and ship product from the United States.

• Local Expansion. Regardless of "going it alone" or using local service suppliers and vendors, or a combination of both, American products often sell at a premium outside the U.S.

International Trade Missions

International Direct Marketing Consultants lead individuals and groups on U.S. Trade Missions for multi-channel retailers and direct marketers to Europe, U.K., Asia, South America and Mexico. Long time relationships with U.S. Embassies and foreign businesses permit Bill McNutt to tailor exclusive client visits with government agencies and private resources. Trade Mission days and nights are filled with visits to U.S. Consulates, Postal Authorities, Ad Agencies, Marketing Services, Industry Associations, Retailers and many other leading organizations.

Clients include Lands' End, LL Bean, Neiman Marcus, Talbots, Visa International, Collin Street Bakery and many other well known names in the multi-channel retailer industry.

International Services for Marketing Internationally
  • - Adaptation of websites and materials to foreign languages (not just translation)
  • - Local partnerships and vendors - often a best solution. Reputation and reliability matter.
  • - Foreign distribution and fulfillment - customer service, warehouse, pick/pack/ship.
  • - Mailing lists - both national and multi-national.
  • - Planning and coordination of launch and post-launch

International Business Intelligence

Based on our extensive and current knowledge of business trends, senior executives have asked us to provide customized business intelligence about countries they are considering to enter.

Business Acquisitions and Sales

Our European and Asian contacts are interested in acquiring multichannel retailers in the United States.

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